DMB Objectives

The primary goal of the DMB is to provide first class entertainment for all those who participate in and attend our performances. To achieve this, DMB strives to Look Good and Sound Good at every rehearsal and every event.
The DMB will provide the opportunity to develop music and life skills through the marching performance arts specific to the DMB. We hope to instill a strong sense of perseverance, dedication and music appreciation along with personal achievements and self-growth through
your pursuit of excellence.

Learning and perfecting music and skill exercises

Music and/or drills will be taught at each rehearsal. Take them home and work on them before the next rehearsal so that the group can continue to move forward.

Individual skills development

Members must strive to be the best that they can. We cannot say that “I know my piece so I don’t have to rehearse or attend rehearsals.” Continue to challenge yourself, stretch your skills and improve every day.

Group skills development

Within your section, and the DMB as a whole, group skills development depends upon cooperation with others. Practising with other section members and helping each other learn and refine new skills will improve the overall performance of the DMB and enhance the experience for everyone.

Membership Fees

The annual membership fee is $35.00 for adults. Students are free. Membership fees are due on or before September 30th of each year. This includes registration, instruction, equipment and uniforms.


We understand that everyone has obligations such as family, jobs, school and health. However, we do ask for your support and involvement in rehearsals, events and fundraising. 

DMB expectations are on based on three simple concepts





All members are expected to rehearse regularly on their own between
scheduled rehearsals.


First and foremost, family, health, job and school come first.
DMB is a Not-For-Profit organization. This means that in order to purchase equipment and uniforms we must finance ourselves through events and fundraising.


The DMB must be well represented in all functions to ensure that we are invited not only to new events but also invited back year after year. We must deliver great performances for the hosts of these events and the people who come out to enjoy our shows. This is achieved by a commitment from you to participate in events.

A commitment from you to attend rehearsals, events and fundraising are expected. You have made a commitment to be a member for the season. The absence of one person affects the section as well as the whole group. It is through your commitment to our group that we will achieve excellence.
If an absence is unavoidable for a rehearsal or an event, communication must be made as soon as possible to your section head.

Uniforms and Equipement

Uniforms and equipment purchased through West Grey and the Trillium grant are 100% wholly owned by West Grey and are only to be used for events the DMB are participating in. This is outlined in a legal document between West Grey and the DMB. Uniforms must be treated with respect and care. Uniforms should be clean and wrinkle-free.


Eating, drinking or smoking in uniform shall be avoided at all times.

Water is the only acceptable drink when in uniform.


Members are required to provide their own navy pants, white marching shoes, white socks, winter gloves and winter boots. Winter boots and gloves should be black or navy in colour.

All parts of your uniform and equipment supplied by DMB are the members’ responsibility and are to be treated with the utmost care. It will be the members’ responsibility to replace any uniform pieces and/or equipment that have been lost or damaged. Any concerns should be reported to your section head immediately.
When a member leaves the DMB, all pieces of the uniform and equipment must be returned immediately.

Rights & Permission to use DMB Logo

DMB logos and photos are the property of DMB and are to be used only
by DMB in a professional manner.  They may not be used in any way via
social media or print to represent an individual or personal opinion.

Note to Families

As an organization, we rely on volunteers to support our group in a number of ways. We hope that you will offer your support to DMB.
Please feel free to attend any rehearsal or performance.


Respect yourself and others. Abusive or intimidating behaviour towards any other person will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from the group. Respect the time that everyone is committing to the DMB. Members must be respectful and considerate of the uniform that they wear when representing DMB.


Members are responsible for doing their best, working on individual skills and rehearsing at home.


Members should arrive 15 minutes prior to rehearsal, this will give you a few minutes to socialize and get organized and be ready to start on time.

Members should arrive at all events at the designated time.