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Durham Marching Band

Gallery of photos from the newest edition of our band, est. 2018.

Durham Girls Reunion & Alumni Band

When the band was reignited in 2012, they went by the Durham Girls Reunion Band, and after the Homecoming parade, changed their name to the Durham Girls Alumni Band.

Durham Girls Drum and Bugle Corps

After losing the Durham High School, Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Iris Kennedy, as well as a group of dedicated former members, worked together to keep the band on the road until 1984 when the band was disbanded.

Durham District High School Trumpet Band

This is the last edition of the high school band before the Durham High School was closed. The Band Leaders were Mr. Jarratt as well as Mr. Lambertus Verweel and Mr. David Baxter from 1954 to 1968.

Durham High School Bugle Band

The first edition of the band, formed by the high school music teacher Mr. John A. Jarratt. This edition of the band existed from 1949 to 1954.

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